Containment & Construction Tarps

Total containment systems

As a preferred vendor of the New York State Department of Transportation, Custom Canvas Manufacturing Co., Inc. leads the industry in total containment systems for bridge construction projects. Word-of-mouth referrals from our many satisfied customers in the Northeast, have brought us new customers from across the East Coast, and in the Midwest as well.

Bridge contractors request our containment systems because we are experts in the field; because we work with them to design exactly what they need, quickly and efficiently; because our systems are designed to be assembled and disassembled without complication; and because we always stand behind our quality workmanship.

We use materials that meet – or exceed – all government specifications for flame retardancy, translucency, strength and ease of handling. We offer a vast selection of materials, including ground covers. All the materials we use allow enough natural sunlight into the work area to eliminate any need for artificial lighting; a real money-saver.

We custom design sets of tarps for any job. Our systems are manufactured with a two-foot overlay for easy attachment and quick assembly; zipper doors for easy entry and exit that are specially designed to maintain the air quality of the work environment; velcro windows complete with screening and roll-up straps; and customized air tubes, to accommodate any size vacuum hose. (Funnel tarps can also be custom-designed to meet your specifications.)

Our containment systems are reinforced with a two inch polyester webbing sewn the entire perimeter and anti-billow nips of the tarp for superior grommet strength. Brass grommets are installed every 12 to 18 inches to ensure unsurpassed weather and wind resistance.

We are doing our part to protect the environment by ensuring that our superior quality total containment systems keep surrounding foliage, water and air free of paint and other debris. In addition, we manufacture our tarps with the highest quality materials and workmanship so they can be re-used for other jobs. Designing our tarps to last longer is our way of recycling.



Skill & Experience Provide The Answer

Complex highway systems create complex bridge painting and repair projects, as shown in the work being done on the George Washington Bridge in New York City. The picture to the right  the unique and exclusive platform assembly put in place by the contractor to support the workers and tarpaulins made by Custom Canvas. In the same photo, the tarps can be seen in position. Custom Canvas designs each total containment tarp so it can be used and then efficiently modified for use on other projects.


Teri-Vinyl Tarps

Teri Tarps, protecting the construction, agricultural, recreational, and transportation industries against the weather. Teri Vinyl Tarps are super strength tarpaulin fabricated from tough, versatile vinyl-coated polyester.

A woven industrial polyester extrusion-coated on each side with flame-retardant PVC. Standard white translucent Teri Vinyl meets CPAI-84 flame-retardant specs, and is light-admitting, often eliminating the need for costly wiring installation to provide artificial light in enclosed work areas.

Teri Vinyl Tarps are the finest constructed tarps made available to industry. Because of their extreme ruggedness and unsurpassed rip-resistance they are especially suited for use on weather and wind-buffeted buildings.


Before – During – After

From start to finish, bridge remedial work and painting require the expert work of a skilled contractor combined with the use of total containment tarpaulins to protect the environment. The bridge being painted pictured here shows a true work in progress.

The section at the right has already been enclosed and painted. Workers then moved the tarp and were working in the center at the time the photo was made. The portion at left has yet to be painted. It will eventually be covered and painted.

All the tarps used on this project are reusable and meet or surpass government standards.


Safeguarding The Environment

Total containment to meet federal and state guidelines is a major challenge during bridge repair work. It requires the expertise of an experienced contractor, working with a company specializing in the manufacture of custom containment tarpaulins.

A Lancaster, NY-based contractor did the rigging on this major bridge job, using tarpaulins from Custom Canvas. Lightweight and durable, the tarps permit sufficient natural light to enter the work area, eliminating the need for artificial lighting. Each rigging assignment is unique and Custom Canvas has the experience required to solve any problems that arise.


That's why: We Gotcha Covered!®