Custom Applications

Custom solutions ranging from bridge containment systems to raincoats for elephants!

What is it that sets the company apart from so many others in the industry? The Custom Canvas team has the rare talent to take on a customer’s problem, visualize the right solution, and make that solution a reality. And production begins just as soon as the solution is finalized on paper.


Bridge contractors request Custom Canvas containment systems because we work with them to design exactly what they need, quickly and efficiently; because our systems are designed to be assembled and disassembled without complication; and because we always stand behind our quality workmanship.


When Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey posed their favorite elephant in the mist of Niagara Falls for a publicity photo, they turned to Custom Canvas to create a one-of-a-kind pachyderm raincoat.

Custom applications for nuclear and chemical cleanup

Containment tents, curtains and tarps and specialty items. We fabricate any type of enclosures to control harmful chemicals and or radiations.

Our fabricating methods guarantee 100% containment with no leaks.

The photos show our air testing, which is conducted before shipping.

We also construct 2" alumninum pipe frames for all of our products.

That's why: We Gotcha Covered!®