General Purpose Tarps


Teri Tarps, protecting the construction, agricultural, recreational, and transportation industries against the weather.

TERI GENERAL PURPOSE TARPS are rugged, water-and-mildew resistant canvas tarpaulins available in both regular and flame retardant materials.

TERI GENERAL PURPOSE TARPS, constructed from strong and flexible canvas, are completely dependable in any weather and for almost any purpose.  They are available in many popular styles: OD, water and mildew resistant, specially  treated for applications requiring a flame retardant material. 

MATERIAL TERI OD: a rated 10 ounce canvas untreated, 18 ounce per sq. yd. treated, this Olive Drab canvas is the “old standby,” proven in thousands of applications. Completely water and mildew-resistant.

TERI OD Flame: flame retardant, this material is very popular in the construction industry. 10 ounce canvas untreated, 18 ounce after treatment. Water and mildew-resistant.

Available: -

10 oz. per sq. yd

12 oz. per sq. yd

14.90 oz. per sq. yd


Construction Features

  • All hems and seams are triple-stitched with rot-and mildew-proof thread.
  • Large No. 4 Brass grommets are spaced on 2-3 foot centers on all 4-sides.
  • All tarps have a synthetic, rot- and mildew-proof rope sewn into hem.


Teri Vinyl Tarps

Teri Vinal Tarps are super strength tarpaulin fabricated from tough, versatile Vinyl-Coated Polyester.

MATERIAL TERI VINYL-COATED POLYESTER is a woven industrial polyester extrusion-coated on each side with flame-retardant PVC.  Standard white translucent TERI VINYL meets CPAI-84 flame-retardant specs, and is light-admitting, often eliminating the need for costly wiring installation to provide artificial light in enclosed work areas.

Teri Vinyl Tarps are the finest constructed tarps ever made available to industry.  Because of their extreme ruggedness and unsurpassed rip-resistance they are especially suited for use on weather and wind-buffeted building enclosures.

Construction Features

  • Anti-billows center nip construction is standard on all TERI-VINYL Tarps. This gives additional security and durability against wind damage.  Eliminates “sailing” effect.
  • All seams are electronically heat-sealed, assuring complete waterproofness.
  • A synthetic, rot- and mildew-proof rope sewn into hem
  • All hems are triple-layered and triple-stitched with Dacron thread. Electronically heat-sealed hems optionally available.
  • Large No. 4 rust- and corrosion-resistant Brass grommets are spaced every 2’-2 ½’ around perimeter of tarp and on center nip.
  • Option: for weatherproof joining of adjacent tarps, double-row grommet construction is available.

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