Tents For All Occasions

Custom Canvas Manufacturing Co., Inc. offers the very best materials and craftsmanship in our complete line of tent products. Whether you need a backyard party tent or a 60 by 30-foot industrial tent, you have our guarantee that the same quality and durability goes into your customized tent.

Our experienced team of professionals at Custom Canvas have merged the values of yesterday with today’s state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, giving you the best product we can offer – with pride.

Combining Efficiency and Elegance

Think about it. For special events, you’re selective about your clothes: They need to fit properly, be appropriate for the weather conditions, and convey the right mood for the event. We feel the same way about our party tents. While sheltering you and your guests, we can create the ambiance you want – stylish wedding, afternoon graduation party, or formal evening function.

Our tents are available in standard sizes or they can be custom-designed to your specifications. You have your choice of a variety of options, including custom or cathedral windows, side curtains, tent liners, leg pole skirts tight weave polyethylene mesh ground covers – plus many other options, all available in a selection of colors and stripes.

Create Excitement with Custom Graphics and Logos

Custom-designed graphics and logos can be printed directly on the tent fabric. Colorful graphics help your tent stand out at any event: from community festivities to sporting events, association meetings to fundraisers, and from sponsorship to corporate functions.

Pole Tents

The pole tent is very striking; a tall tent that looks somewhat like a circus bigtop. With its height and center pole arrangement, these tents offer versatility for both interior configurations and lighting. Pole tents are especially effective when used in large, open grassy areas.


Free-Standing Aluminum Frame Tents

These tents are the ultimate! We’ve combined quick and simple assembly with unsurpassed durability to give you a tent you’ll be happy to work with for a long time. With its assembled framework supporting the top, this free-standing style doesn’t require a center pole. This model is perfect for those situations where you can’t have any obstacles inside the tent. Plus – with no center poles – they’re ideal for use in constricted areas.

Our aluminum frame tents are manufactured using the best quality 14, 16 or 18-ounce vinyl coated polyester fabric, available in the color of your choice. Our exclusive patented rubber hold-downs ensure that the top maintains a good tight fit, eliminating water gathering along the ridge line. Thick wall tempered aluminum 17/8-inch pipe combined with steel hardware offers the strongest frame possible. These tents are available in stock sizes or custom-made to your specifications.

Our Buffalo NY location, near the Canadian border, allows us to easily ship our tents nationwide and globally.

Port-A-Shelter Aluminum Frame Tents

Imagine a tent that you can toss into your trunk whenever you need it. One that you can carry all by yourself even if you have to park three or four blocks from your destination. One that assembles and disassembles in about five minutes. One that's durable enough to last and attractive enough to stand out in a crowd.

You just imagined the Port-a-shelter. It's our light-weight, easy-to-assemble 1 0 x 1 0' aluminum frame tent that weighs less than 50 pounds and packs inside a bag less than five feet long. It is manufactured with a 1 1/8-inch durable aluminum tubing frame and a durable 1 2-ounce vinyl tent fabric, so it can stand up to wind and rain again and again. In addition, we use superior fabricating methods and we reinforce all stress points on the tent and frame. No wonder it's one of our most popular items.

In addition, we offer a heavy duly Port-a-shelter constructed of the highest quality vinyl or canvas materials and a 1 7/8-inch tempered aluminum pipe frame. This tent features our exclusive rubber hold down system which guarantees a continuous tight fit of tent.

Our Port-a-shelters are available in a range of colors, weights, sizes and styles to suit any occasion and budget.

Sags, rips, buckles: Don’t let it happen to you!

Don't let this happen to you!

With our custom canvas patented hold-down system®, say goodbye to the unwanted buckles, straps, and sags which all retain water. Our unique hold-down system secures the tent tight to the frame so this won't happen to you!

So the next time you purchase an aluminum frame tent, try our Port-A-Shelter™ with our patented hold-down system®.

With our Custom Canvas patented Hold-down System®, say goodbye to the unwanted buckles, straps, and sags which all retain water. Our patented Hold-down System® secures the tent tight to the frame so that won’t happen to you! So the next time you purchase an aluminum frame tent, avoid problems with one of tents with our patented Hold-down System – because We Gotcha Covered!®


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