Truck Covers & Rollover Systems

At Custom Canvas Manufacturing Co., Inc. we know that being on the road isn’t an easy life. That’s why we manufacture everything you need to keep your cargo clean and dry. No matter what season you’re travelling in, our custom-fit truck covers will keep out the elements, while keeping your rig as sleek and attractive as possible. After all, haven’t you got a enough to worry about?

Like all of our products, our truck covers are manufactured with the finest materials and superior workmanship. The result is a quality product that is durable and easy to use. Custom fit truck covers are available in most popular colors and materials in 14, 18, and 22 ounces per square yard.

Custom Canvas offers the best in materials and workmanship in its easy-to-use rollover system.

Whether it’s a 48-foot walking floor trailer or a 12-foot fertilizer spreader, we have the kit that will work for you.

Our regular 19-ounce vinyl trailer tarps are the best in the industry. Despite our tarps being rated – by truckers – as the best, we have added special features to our rollover tarps such as, double material on bulkheads, tails and down each side of the truck or trailer. In addition, we have added a refuse shield on the anchor side of the tarp, and twelve thousand pound rated cargo straps and ratchets with our exclusive quick release hook and ring assembly. We also include:

  • 7/8-inch tempered aluminum bows and pockets.
  • 2-inch thick wall tempered aluminum pipe and with an improved 5/8 Universal heavy duty crank.
  • Offset aluminum tarp stoppers, return pull strap, our kit includes all nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc. And it also includes rubber tarp straps.
  • Tarpaulins made of the finest materials available. Our tarpaulins have double reinforcement all the way around and include a grain flap.

But most of all, we offer, our reputation for manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry. Protect your company’s most valued: Your drivers! Eliminate the need to climb up on your trailer to tarp a load. Many driver injuries occur from falling off equipment. In addition, tests prove that with a rollover tarp in place on an empty trailer, you can save 15 percent in fuel costs by eliminating tail drag.

Custom Canvas offers a complete rollover system designed for your needs: We Gotcha Covered!®

That's why: We Gotcha Covered!®